Laepoca Mezcal Bottle. Mezcal with me.
Laepoca Mezcal with Thomas Henry Pink Grapefruit. Together with Lime juice this makes a delicious Laepoca Paloma Cocktail. Mezcal with me.

LÆPOCA Mezcal Espadín - Joven

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Fresh & fruity flavors of agave combined in loving, Mexican craftsmanship.

Quantity: 700 ml

ABV: 38 % Alc./Vol.

Category: Mezcal

Type: Espadín - Joven

LÆPOCA Mezcal is smooth with notes of oak and honey - concluded in a slightly smokey finish. Ideal in cocktails or neat, it is also low in calories. LÆPOCA Mezcal is the new Gin, only better. Because 100% agave. Because 100% México. Because 100% artesanal. Because LÆPOCA.

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Oaxaca, MX

Have you ever arrived at a place and immediately felt that it suits you? It's just like you dreamed it would be. The energy is right. This is where you belong.

That's what happened to us when we first came to Oaxaca. The sun is always shining, it's nice and warm. Rich vegetation and green mountains that surround the city. Every shade of color, every movement and every new smell captivates us, and so does the delicious traditional cuisine. Oaxaca is famous for mole, tlayudas, chiles rellenos, memelas and tetelas.

This city with its 300,000 inhabitants simply has that little something: the perfect size to get from A to B by bike; The ideal location to watch the sunset with friends over good food; and Mezcal at a rooftop bar in the city center after a mountain bike tour through the surrounding hills and mountains.

It didn't take long for us to fall in love with the “dolce vita” ambiance, the happy people and their appreciation for the pleasant things in life - and, of course, with Mezcal.

With LÆPOCA we want to bring in a little piece of Oaxaca to Europe. So, dive into the Mexican culture and experience its magic. Salud!

Oaxaca City Center. Santa Domingo church with Agave plants. Home of Laepoca Mezcal. Mezcal with me.

Mezcal is the region's spirit in the first place. About an hours from Oaxaca, the main production area is around Santiago de Matatlán, the capital of the Mezcal-world.

Mezcal is made from the agave (el maguey). It takes a whole 8-10 years to reach full maturity. After harvesting the agave hearts (piñas), the actual production begins. LÆPOCA Mezcal is made with love by Jorge and Crystal. Following an artisan process, the Mezcal is handcrafted the traditional way.

While in conventional Mezcal smoky aromas traditionally predominate due to the long smoking process, in LÆPOCA we put special emphasis on the soft, light and smooth finish. Fruity aromas round off the taste experience.

The team behind LÆPOCA

Jonas and Jens are the inventor of Laepoca Mezcal. Mezcal with me.
Jonas & Jens

Together, they founded LÆPOCA in 2020 to bring Mezcal to the beautiful region of Vorarlberg. Jens already came to know and love Mezcal a few years ago in México. Jonas grew up in México and the country has never stopped touching him.

For both of them, Mezcal is the only natural successor to Gin, which is getting outdated. Jens & Jonas are fully convinced: a new era is about to begin.


Maestro Mezcalero in fourth generation and father of LÆPOCA. Born and raised in the capital of Mezcal, Santiago de Matatlán. Mezcal runs through his veins: he is extremely innovative in creating new flavors by combining different agave types and process variations. Jorge is a nature lover and drinks Mezcal for more than just professional reasons.

Jorge with Laepoca Mezcal. Produced in Oaxaca Mexico. Mezcal with me.
Crystal with Laepoca Bottle in front of Agave Field in Oaxaca, Mexico. Mezcal with me.

She has always carried Mezcal in her heart. After graduating university and specializing in the packaging industry, she decided 5 years ago to convert her passion into a profession. Working directly with Jorge, she is in charge of bottling and packaging our LÆPOCA Mezcal. Her positive charisma and laughter are contagious - a true original from Oaxaca.


Mexican designer and free spirit of the team. Not original from Oaxaca, but a great lover of the region and of Mezcal (preferably LÆPOCA, of course). Deeply rooted in Mexico, he lives in Santiago de Querétaro and works as a graphic designer. Creator of the design language around the brand. Michael frequently works with local, traditional artists which inspires his work. His motto: "Si te sientas mal - Mezcal, si te sientas bien - también!"

Michael in front of Agave Field. He is the designer of the Laepoca Mezcal design language. Mezcal with me.